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Hello, I’m Lynn and I live in a small fishing town on the beautiful coast of Ecuador with my husband and two boys (ages 2 and 5 with a third boy on the way!).


We’ve been living here in Ecuador for over five years (and closer to ten if you count when we first started visiting Ecuador for months at a time). We love being here for its laid back lifestyle, smiling faces, incredible weather, being right on the beach, and of course tropical fruits and fresh seafood!


Even though we originally were drawn to Coastal Ecuador for its promises of a laid-back life, my husband and I ended up as super busy working parents instead, running our own real estate and construction company.

things crunchy mamas say

Ummm…yep. This is something I might actually say.

Meanwhile, I am also what many people might refer to as “crunchy.” I make most of my own beauty products and household cleaning recipes, enjoy whole foods, and implement daily wellness routines using supplements and therapeutic essential oils. The goal is to keep me and my family healthy by avoiding products that lead to illness (think processed food, toxic household chemicals, etc.).

Here in a small village of Ecuador, it can be a real challenge to find some products that would usually be within arm’s reach back in the US or elsewhere (No boxes of baking soda?! No coconut oil?!…even though coconuts are literally EVERYWHERE!).  At the same time, there are so many awesome new things I’m learning about living “naturally”  while being here.

aiden coconut mothers day 2014

I am creating this blog to share my experiences not just with other crunchy mamas out there but also with people who may be new to some of these alternate approaches to creating vibrant health. My hope is that this site my assist others to become their own health and wellness advocates. Please join me!


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