Super Simple All-Purpose Cleaner

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Nov 2nd
Thieves cleaner recipe

How many of you have ever stopped to investigate the ingredients in your standard household cleaning products? You know, the pink, purple, green or blue stuff for cleaning your floors, counters, bathrooms and so on?

Here’s a typical cleaning product aisle here in Ecuador.

Typical multipurpose household cleaners sold in Ecuador

Typical multipurpose household cleaners sold in Ecuador


Here are some active ingredients, common uses, and reported effects in some common cleaners. Other ingredients of course include dyes, fragrance, and preservatives. Keep in mind that the generic term “fragrance” alone can contain up to 300 different chemical compounds. Yikes.

A few ingredients found in common household cleaners

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Hmmm….I don’t know about you, but looking at these ingredients definitely makes me question whether I want to use these kinds of ingredients in my home. Especially with young children.

So, what’s a better solution?

One ridiculously simple and very effective cleaning and purifying option that I currently use is a mixture of water and an essential oil blend called Thieves [I get mine HERE].

Where to Buy Thieves Oil

Thieves oil is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary


First, a little background on Thieves. The name was inspired by a legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special herbal blend to protect themselves while robbing homes of the dead and dying. Thieves contains a blend of the following fragrant and powerful essential oils:

  • Clove bud oil
  • Lemon peel oil
  • Cinnamon bark oil
  • Eucalyptus leaf oil
  • Rosemary leaf oil

Together, this blend provides innumerable benefits including immune system support, respiratory support, and packs a powerful purifying punch.

There is actually a whole line of Thieves products for sale in the US that include household cleaners, hand soap, detergent, toothpaste, floss, lozenges, you name it! [Find out how to purchase Thieves products at a 24% discount]

Thieves Product Line


Okay, here’s my super simple recipe (I LOVE super simple!) for a homemade all-purpose cleaner using Thieves.


Thieves essential oil [I buy mine HERE]

Purified water

Amber glass spray bottle.  Note: Essential oils can degrade plastics so glass is preferred.

Additional note: If you are in Ecuador, believe me, I get it, don’t let finding an amber glass spray bottle stop you. Just use whatever spray bottle you have available!


Add 1 drop of Thieves for every ounce of water. Add the Thieves oil first then fill up the bottle with water. When not in use, store in a cool, dark place.


Ta-dah! That’s it-you’re done!

Shake well and then use on floors, counters, mirrors, sinks, toilets. I even use this spray to clean my kids’ toys. I also keep a small bottle in my purse as an alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I also use it as an air freshener.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Some variations to the basic recipe

  • Variation #1: Some people like to add equal parts white vinegar to the distilled water (but honestly I much prefer the smell of the Thieves alone and for me it does the job just fine without the vinegar).
  • Variation #2: Others add a small amount of salt into the bottle first, then add the oil and then the water. The idea behind the salt is that it acts as a dispersing agent for the oil. For me, this variation works if using the spray as an air freshener only; however, for cleaning purposes, it can leave behind a film. I have enough issues dealing with salty films here on the beach so I skip the salt and just shake well before spraying.
  • Variation #3: Another option for a dispersing agent is to use either vodka or witch hazel. For an 8oz bottle, add 1 tsp of either vodka or witch hazel to 8 drops of Thieves, then fill with water.
  • Variation #4: For an 8oz bottle, add 2 tsp of liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) to 1 cup of water and 8 drops of Thieves. I would probably opt for this variation but we can’t buy readily buy Dr. Bronner’s soaps here in Ecuador. For now, I just stick with using plain ‘ol water!



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