Fish Soup – What my Kids Demand for Breakfast(!)

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Dec 5th

Say What?!

Yep, without fail, every Saturday AND Sunday morning, Tom and I are awakened by my 3 and 6 year-old boys chanting of “EN-CE-BO-LLADO, EN-CE-BO-LLADO!”). Who would ever guess that kids would crave a soup laden with chunks of fresh albacore, pickled onions, and yucca (cassava).

Even Rylan (our 10 month old) gets impatient for his portion while we’re prepping the table with all the necessary accouterments to personalize each of our bowls: limes and lime squeezer, olive oil, black pepper, crushed red pepper, and most importantly “chifles.” Chifles are fried plantain chips that you crush up and put on top.

Highly acclaimed as a cure for hangovers, encebollados (pronounced “in-seh-boy-yah-doe”) are one of coastal Ecuador’s popular seafood dishes. While it can occasionally be found served in some restaurants throughout the day, encebollados are generally considered a breakfast food.

Make your own encebollado using the recipe from Laylita’s great website. She is a native born Ecuadorian who currently resides in the US. Her site is full of authentic Ecuadorian recipes.

After a big bowl of encebollado, we’re off to the beach!

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