Get Relief! Post-Workout or Normal Day-to-Day Issues

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Nov 30th
Non-medicated approaches for relief

The good news is that the tiny fishing village where I live in Ecuador FINALLY has a gym! My husband and I have been going to 3-4 intense circuit training classes there a week and, whoa, it really WHOOPS our butts! So we’ve been doing a lot of hobbling around, groaning, etc. But, like any dedicated oiler, I am equipped with an arsenal of oily products that really help to provide RELIEF!

So below are a few different options that we’ve been using post-workout to relieve our tense and overworked muscles. Note: These various options aren’t just for after exercising. We also use them as needed when addressing all the normal discomforts of day-to-day life (think being on your feet too long, sitting at your computer too long, etc.).

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

This tube has brought me LOTS of relief, not just post-workout but I also use it on my back after long days of sitting at my desk, after nursing too long in a weird position, if my joints get achy (Random side not:  I’m convinced this occasional joint pain is caused by excess candida. When I clean up my diet, the joint pain in my fingers goes away). My dad ACTUALLY used Cool Azul several times a day on his arthritic thumb which had gotten much worse after having a wrist surgery. I feel like if HE admitted that it helped, then everyone needs to give it a go!

cool-azul pain cream

Panaway + Peppermint 

Another tried and true combo is to layer Panaway with Peppermint. Panaway is what I think of as “relief in a bottle” and combined with the cooling and tingly sensation of Peppermint, it really gets in there and loosens things up.

If you’re dealing with a small area of tension (like temples, neck, even a toe!) one drop of each will do it. I usually massage in the Panaway first, wait a couple minutes, and then massage in the Peppermint.

If you are covering a larger area, add 2-3 drops each and dilute with your carrier oil of choice.  I really like Young Living’s V-6 oil but I also sometimes use almond oil or coconut oil as well. The amount you dilute it is more related to the area you want to cover. You’ll have to experiment to see what works best but you could start with something like 1:10 (1 drop essential oil: 10 drops carrier oil). Diluting doesn’t necessarily decrease the effectiveness; instead, it actually provides something of a time release component.

LOVE Panaway. It truly is relief in a bottle!

LOVE Panaway. It truly is relief in a bottle!

Ortho Sport Massage Oil

I got this puppy as a freebie in one of my monthly Essential Rewards (ER) orders and it is awesome!! No mystery here, just rub it where you need it.


Aroma Siez

This is another awesome oil blend that probably would have taken me a while to discover had it not been a free promo item in my monthly ER order! Now I love this one and have been rubbing it into my shoulders before crawling into bed.

A great way to really “soak in” the benefits of this soothing blend is to add about 8 drops of Aroma Siez t0 1 cup of epsom salt. Important tip: Be sure to mix the oil and salt first, THEN add the mixture to your bath. If you add the oil separately, it will just float on the top of your water.


The “Bomb”

Ready to really knock out discomfort? Here’s one of my favorite combos for when I need to kick things into higher gear. Add 5 drops each of Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, and Copaiba to a veggie capsule.



Copaiba essential oil is so versatile and simply is amazing. You can read all about it in one of my previous blog posts HERE.

One of the big take-home messages about Copaiba is that it acts like an amplifier so when you add it to any of the oils I listed above, their effects will be heightened. Awesome stuff. Mix it in with other oils or layer it on top after a couple of minutes. Experiment to find out what works best for YOUR body.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these yet or if you have any other approaches we should know about!

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