Travel Happy: The Essential Oils Travel ToolKit

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Dec 28th
It's easier to enjoy the view when you're feeling good!

Air Travel is a necessity in today’s world, especially for those of us who enjoy peeking over the next horizon.  

My Kids love Essential Oils

Looking over that next horizon

But with the conveniences, come the trade-offs: Sniffling neighbors, that restless feeling in your legs, stressful delays, and the airport’s security line all test our mettle.

My Essential Oils Travel Toolkit is my go-to solution for managing the challenges of air travel and arriving at my destination in the best shape possible, especially when traveling with my two (soon to be three!) young boys.  There is a certain elegance to using natural, 100% plant-derived oils distilled from 100% organic plant material to solve and prevent any number of travel-related woes and ills.

It's easier to enjoy the view when you're feeling good!

It’s easier to enjoy the view when you’re feeling good!

Fundamentals First – Healthy Immune Function:

Wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing worse than heading out on a long planned trip only to come down with a bug?  I want to arrive fresh (well, as fresh as possible while managing the littles!) and in good health in order to fully enjoy my destination.

To ensure that our immune systems are already functioning at its best as we head into the tight quarters of the aircraft, we rely on “Thieves”, a unique blend of essential oils that supports healthy immune function.

Thieves - a necessity

Thieves – don’t leave home without it!

One effective way of using Thieves oil is to apply 2 drops mixed with a couple of drops of carrier oil such as coconut, sweet almond, or olive oil. Rub into the soles of your feet before leaving for the airport. Another option I always employ while traveling is to wear a diffuser necklace with a drop of Thieves [here are some options available on Etsy]. We also keep our hands (and even tray tables) clean with a 1 oz spritzer bottle of Thieves mixed with water [see my past post of how to make this super simple spray].

While the “Thieves” fragrance owes much to the slightly more masculine essences of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus, the “Purification” essential oil blend offers the ability to purify via a combination of lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, lavandin, tea tree, and myrtle.

Purification - Nasty odors be gone!

Purification – Nasty odors be gone!

Purification has become my go-to solution for neutralizing unwanted odors in less than ideal hotel rooms or the cramped quarters of the plane itself.

For example, have you ever been embarrassed about taking off stinky shoes on the plane but your feet just need to breathe? Put a couple of drops of Purification inside your shoes beforehand and you can let that worry go. I also put a drop or two of Purification on a cotton ball and throw it into my luggage to keep everything smelling fresh.

Stay Calm Despite the Unexpected:

As a parent of young travelers, another essential in my “travel kit” is undoubtedly the “Stress Away”  oil blend.  This is a relaxing blend of lime, cedarwood, lavender, ocotea, copaiba and vanilla.

aptly named

Stress Away – Aptly named!

The very act of heading to the airport whips up a deep breath and a small case of “OK here we go…“.

“Stress Away” applied to the back of my neck, wrist, and temples helps me take the stress away and get into a relaxed, “go with the flow” mindset for all of the “excitement” that is about to ensue from the maze ahead!

Making the Best of “Plane Time”:

To get some rest on the plane I add a few drops of “Lavender” to my kids’ travel pillow (and mine!).  The sweet smell of lavender has been sown into pillows for centuries to help aid in falling asleep and getting that much needed rest while you can.

Swiss army knife of oils

Lavender – Swiss army knife of oils

Lavender has many other uses as well as is often referred to as the “Swiss army knife” of essential oils. I use it daily mixed with either coconut or sweet almond oil as a nourishing facial moisturizer. We all know how drying airplanes are on our skin so having a small spritzer bottle of almond oil and lavender is an excellent way to keep your skin feeling soft and nourished.

Great for muscles

Great for muscles

Feeling restless is something I loathe during long flights. My new-found solution is to rub a couple of drops of “Panaway” blend onto my calves and wherever else any restless or tense feelings shows up.  Panaway combines a muscle soothing blend of Wintergreen, Mint, Clove and Helicrysum. Panaway is a great way to help relieve any tension from hauling heavy bags up, down, around and through the travel gauntlet.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil

It should go without saying but I also drink plenty of water on flights. Staying hydrated is fundamental to avoiding many of the symptoms of jet lag. Just like I do at home, I like to add a drop of “Lemon” essential oil to my water. Adding lemon is very refreshing, it supports my immune function, and aids healthy circulation (super important on long flights!).

Upon Arrival:

When it’s time to wake up, I rub a drop of “Peppermint” between my hands, cup them over my mouth and nose and inhale deeply.  It is an instant wake up for me and brings my mind from drowsy to alert in very short order.


Peppermint – Wake up and get refreshed

Peppermint is also helpful for supporting both healthy digestive and healthy respiratory function.

Almost without fail, when my essential oils come out I make quick friends with those around me!  Everyone likes to try Peppermint and you will always get comments on the wonderful smell and questions about what it is for.

Sharing essential oils has become one of my favorite things to do because I’ve seen so many people benefit in so many different ways.  Hopefully you won’t mind the attention and are open to sharing a few drops of your oils.  They are always appreciated!

Build Your Own “Essential Oils Travel Toolkit”:

I choose Young Living Essential Oils because unlike the many other companies out there, Young Living controls the production of their oils from the seed through the harvest and distillation process.  They provide oils that I can trust and confidently apply to myself and my family.   I believe that Young Living is the only brand on the market that is so dedicated to producing a quality product from the “Seed to Seal”.

The essential oils I use while travelling are also some of the most common and multi-purpose oils used at home and in my day-to-day life. Young Living offers a “Premium Starter Kit” that includes ELEVEN oils including all of the oils mentioned above plus a few more awesome ones along with a decorative diffuser, a very attractive way to diffuse essential oils into your space, or hotel room, with many applications for aromatherapy and general well-being at home or abroad.

The Premium Starter Kit costs just $167.00 if you sign up with a distributor wholesale member discount.  You’ll also receive 24% off any future oil purchases and as a wholesale minimum there are no purchase minimums!

Click here to get started with Essential Oils.

Please write me and share your experiences while travelling with essential oils.  I’d love to hear how these oils have benefited you!

For more info on essential oils and purchasing your own kit, Click here to see my Essential Oils Overview Page.

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